Jerusalem Sabbatical

I originally created my blog to post my reflections on my sabbatical experience in Jerusalem in 2006. I have also used it to post my thoughts and ideas about being a church for the next generation. Now I hope to use it to blog about my third time in Israel, volunteering with Bridges for Peace!

Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm heading back to Jerusalem! For another volunteer experience with Bridges for Peace. During my previous times there, I blogged about everything I did and everywhere I went. But I've found that this blog site to be more difficult to navigate since blogspot "improved" their site. I'm thinking Facebook will be easier (and even more accessible) for people to see what I'm up to. I'm using this post to try out some various things and see if it's still possible to share what I hope to, with photos, links, and other resources.  Here goes:

This was me in Jerusalem in 2006. Except for the glasses, I don't think I've changed a bit!

Here is a link to the BFP website:

How many photos can be added to a post now? The limit used to be six. Maybe the improvements allow for more!


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